Sumeet Gaikwad

Design and Innovation

21 ViewsSo, readers, you all must be curious to know that what is innovation and what are thevarious aspects of Innovation? What elements are required to be a good innovator?What kind of mindset needs to be developed for Innovation?Generally, we associate innovation with Novelty, Newness, Creativity etc. Sometimesinnovation is also referred to some inventions.A meaning …

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Why Autonomy?

8 ViewsImportance of Autonomous Education for the Future of Students… The education system has evolved over a period of time and the presenteducation scenario holds a key for developing a network or an environment tomake students learn early. The autonomous education model has the potential ininculcating the habit among the students of asking for help …

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We are Autonomous!

12 ViewsAutonomous Learning – Let us understand it better… The primary focus of modern education process is to provide learners with anopportunity for continuous learning and enabling them with the potential forcontinued growth. The thought process of academicians and practitioners areaimed at making the modern education accept the progressive educationalmodel, which would help in marking …

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