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BBA Programs and Industry Demand’


If you must be wondering why Management programmes are growing increasingly popular at the undergraduate level? What is it all about Management programmes which makes them a complete package?

Is it largely due to the numerous career opportunities that become available to graduates after the course? So, what is the direct relation between a BBA course and the Industry demand. Why Corporates are keen to hire BBA graduate students?

Lets check out…

Yes it’s a very fact that BBA programmes enhance business skills by making them all the more relevant in a world that is driven by constant flux. In fact, a BBA programme is a perfect fit because it meets the high demand for managerial roles across various industries.

The BBA program also offers management and business programmes such as International Business and Computer Applications which makes all together a lucrative package for the students aspiring to pursue BBA program and its specialized courses.

BBA programs at both the postgraduate and undergraduate level, are aimed to produce industry-ready students through professional education.

In recent years, the face of management education has changed wherein educational institutes have geared up to offer best quality of management education to cater the Industry needs. It is a no brainer that Industry people would want more of skilled and professional candidates which would suit their Industry requirements. Industries prefer candidates with sound business knowledge who can facilitate the management operations. As a result of this courses like BBA are in demand, simply so that they are able to understand the needs of Industry through which candidates are churned out in a desirous way.

Meet the Industry Requirements – The Industry is growing at a rapid pace. Along with existing organizations, start ups too come up in the market to grab the best of potential. As a result, companies require candidates with sound business and operations knowledge. If you choose BBA program, then you can easily relate yourself with the existing Industry demand by learning Finance, Marketing, HR, International business, Computer applications, Entrepreneurship skills and many other facets of management and administration.

Experience and Exposure – The BBA Program is designed in such a way that it will end up working directly with marketing, finance, sales, operations, or strategic team. This will provide an exceptionally good exposure to market trends. You will also be able to develop market relevant skills and focus on the latest trends of Industry.

E.g. – If a finance domain-based organization wish to recruit a candidate, then usually knowledge related to ratio analysis, financial tools and techniques, derivatives, calculation of NPV, ROI, Tax structure etc is considered. Under BBA program a candidate is able to learn all these aspects which makes the candidate a suitable option for the organization.

Future  Prospects – Under BBA program a candidate would be able to have good market exposure with relevant experience wherein you can also witness a fast-paced growth in the future. A BBA graduate goes through the Internship programs offered by the Institute which makes the candidate to undergo the experiential learning process allowing the candidate to be industry ready for the full – time placements.

Salary Packages – Remuneration is one such aspect where a candidate is more concerned of. The good part of BBA programs is, if you pursue BBA from a reputed and well-known college then you can expect Industry standard packages as the Interface between the college and the Industry allows the candidates to offer good packages.

Higher Education – Another added advantage of pursuing BBA is the wide choice of options available to you if you wish to pursue further education. BBA Programs acts as a great foundation for pursuing higher degree courses like MBA. Since MBA is an extension of BBA, students can make their foundation more robust in order to pursue their future education in management.

Industry Interface Cell at MES GCC

While offering BBA Programs, MES Garware College of Commerce has achieved a great blend of academics and Industry connect. The Institute has a dedicated Industry Interface Cell which does the job of Industry networking in a great manner.

Several Industry experts from Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture, Confederation of Indian Industries, FICCI, Indian Institute of Materials Management and experts from leading Multi – National Corporations share their inputs and knowledge providing an instant benefit to the students as far as the Industry requirements are concerned.

A student pursuing BBA programs at MES Garware College of Commerce would be able to take the advantage of knowing the Industry in a better manner with the help of the Industry experts, which facilitates their knowledge in an interactive way. The industry interface has allowed the Institute to sense and know the Industry trends and business environment in a better way which helps in designing and preparing a plan of action for making our students Industry and future ready.

MES GCC brings all the Industry experts onboard for making the BBA programs more advantageous in nature through the Industry Interface Cell.

So what are you waiting for?

Be a part of this wonderful course and make your learning even more Interesting by enrolling now at MES Garware College of Commerce! Visit our website now –

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