Choice Based Credit System


‘CBCS: A Prudent and Fun Way of Learning’


While learning,  a student has to through various phases, be it Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Graduation or Post Graduation. Being a student  you enter a whole new world of learning activities, teaching styles, and assessment methods in all these phases. One such novel technique of assessment is the ‘Credit Score’, which is also known as Choice Based Credit System. Many of you might be wondering what Credit Score all is about? In what way is it beneficial to us while learning? Etc.

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), provides a learning platform wherein the student has the flexibility to choose the course from a list of elective, core and soft skill courses. This is a student-centric approach to learning or acquiring higher education.

In addition, the Choice Based Credit System provides students a simple and flexible method of versatility to move from one educational organization to other at any time and request for transfer of the credits he/she earned without losing scope on the syllabus. For example, if a student, studying BBA course at Mumbai University and wants to continue it at Savitribai Phule Pune University, he/she can. ( Subject to Syllabus Mapping / Course Equivalence Method )

Advantages of ‘Choice Based Credit System’

  • Students have the opportunity to choose courses of their own choice and interest.
  • The student has an option to choose inter/multi-disciplinary courses too
  • Based on the IQ level of individual student; a mentor guide student to select courses.
  • It gives prospects to the learner to earn certification through a walk-in/walk-out approach.
  • Students moving from old to new college/ university can transfer the credits to the new migrating institution
  • The Choice Based Credit System allows students to pursue one part of the course in one institution and the remaining in the other. The standard CBCS assessment method makes the evaluation of the performance of students easy on a single scale
  • Learners acquire job-oriented skills as the courses are more practical oriented.
  • The System is applicable for all central, state and recognized colleges/ universities in the country.

The BBA, BBA – International Business and BBA – Computer Applications courses are being run under Savitribai Phule Pune University’s Choice Based Credit System ( CBCS ) pattern which will allow every student to pursue their education through effective learning with greater freedom and more student centric approach.

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