Design and Innovation – An Introduction


We all are familiar with the word ‘Design’. For majority of us Design is something
related with some artwork, drawing or a painting, but is design limited only to these
aspects? Then what is a design and why it is a part of our day to day lives? Let us
understand it in a better way.
If anyone is asked to describe design in a more technical or elaborate manner, then what
the common answer will be? It could be graphics, visuals, aesthetics etc. Now these are
most common words, and many will associate these words with Design. Anyone who is
keen to learn more about the complete concept of design would certainly not confine
himself to think that design is only about graphics and visuals.
So, being a student of design, one needs to learn and develop the mindset that what
other dimensions are associated with the word ‘Design’? How a more detailed and
complete understanding about Design is possible?
Just think about a water bottle. Have you seen it more carefully, have you thought over
the design and shape of the water bottle with respect to the utility part? Normally all of
us will only see a water bottle from a visual appeal point of view.
We may say either the water bottle is good looking or not so good looking. It means we
simply pay attention towards the shape and design part, and we completely ignore why
the bottle has been designed in such a manner and why not in other way?
The fact is different shapes and sizes of water bottles are designed with an innovation or
innovative approach adopted by the designer to give more purpose and utility to the
bottle and here is how the vitality aspect of innovation comes into picture.
Have you ever wondered about these areas as well? Certainly not, but we are talking
about masses who would think in this manner.
What about those who are having a sense of design and wish to learn more about design
and innovation? Then these Design and Innovation words are here to interest you, yes,
it will interest you a lot and will make you to look at Design and Innovation from
altogether different aspect.
MES GCC’s 4 Year Degree Program in Design and Innovation and 1 Year Post Graduate
Diploma Program is here to channelize your keenness towards Design and shape your
dreams in making a mark in the field of Design.
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