Industry Visits at MES GCC


Experience it!

Industry Visits at MES Garware College of Commerce – Experience it!

Industry visits have its own relevance in a career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. It is considered as a vital part of college curriculum with respect to experiential learning. Through Industry visits, students are better able to identify their prospective areas of work in an organization.

The objective of an industrial visit is to provide us an understanding regarding internal functioning of companies. It is always beneficial when theory and practical knowledge goes hand in hand.

MES Garware College of Commerce, Pune knows it best and actively organizes various visits to prominent Industries. Industry visits are organized to Garware Polyesters, Varroc Engineers, Endurance Technologies, Radico Distilleries, John Deere, Rucha group of Industries and many more.

Students get an opportunity to witness and experience the functioning and operations of the Industry plant in a neat and uncluttered manner. Various processes such as manufacturing of X-Ray films, Polyester labels, Polyester films, Plastic molecule building , manufacturing of automobile spare parts and waste management processes are showcased to the students. Brief presentations and Informative sessions are arranged before the plant visit which helps the students in knowing and understanding more on the history, background, company profile and manufacturing operations in a detailed manner.

Information is provided on various aspects such as IT department of the organization, data transmission and communication modes, modern means and equipment used for manufacturing process, Research and development wing and its implementation and many other ancillary and key aspects for the manufacturing and production processes.

With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visit provides students a practical perspective of the functioning and mechanisms of the industry process. It allows an opportunity to learn practically through interaction with the Industry officials, working methods, employment practices and industrial environment.

Industry visits of MES Garware College of Commerce are truly enriching and interesting which is a nice blend of experiential learning and fun which paves the way for building a successful career of a student and helps in knowing the Industry realities and practices.

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