MES GCC – Entrepreneurship Cell

Nurturing Budding Entrepreneurs.

The MES GCC – Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Start-up Cell(EIS-Cell) has been set up to harvest and foster entrepreneurial skills among the students. It is a student-oriented cell which primarily focuses on nurturing the E skills and develop business intelligence among the students. It provides the networking and mentoring support to budding entrepreneurs.

The MES GCC E-Cell conduct several activities such as:

  • Annual flagship event Indovention: E – Week
  • Organizing short-term Certificate coirse in Entrepreneurship Development
  • Organizing Creativity workshops, Design thinking workshops, Business plan competitions
  • Business fair on campus
  • Interaction with successful entrepreneurs
  • Building prototypes
  • Setting up small campus companies where other students can be your customers
  • Internship opportunities with outside companies etc. in order to cultivate entrepreneurship skill-set among the students.
  • Organizing seminars in association with the state government to educate the entrepreneurs about various schemes operated by the government (like funding, incubators, technology support and various other initiatives run by MES GCC and the government).

The E-Cell organizes its flagship event known as ‘Indovention’ and Inter collegiate business plan competition which is a great platform for students to showcase their entrepreneurial skills. They get an opportunity of networking and mentoring necessary to start their own venture.

Through various E Cell activities, students learn to acquire vital traits of management and entrepreneurship which also helps them in shaping up their personality.

  • Developing skills to manage and negotiate different stakeholders
  • Develops marketing and negotiation skills as the college campus company activity allows the students to sell their products or services to the customers in real time.
  • Knowledge about compliance: Students have to get the necessary permission & approval from the management to organize the events, which equates to the various compliance related work that an entrepreneur requires to do during the start-up journey.
  • Sponsorship: Sometimes students have to find the sponsors to fund their events/activities. This is equal to finding investors in the entrepreneurial journey.

The MES GCC E-Cell has collaborated with Deasra Foundation for various seed funding projects in an attempt to boost students’ dreams in making a successful career in entrepreneurship. The Cell’s recent integration with the Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Enterprise (CIIE)  at Savtribai Phule Pune University has opened up new grounds for students as regards networking, virtual mentoring, funding etc and has provided real impetus to the start-up ecosystem in our college.

Through E Cell activities, students can take up entrepreneurship as a full-time profession and the skill sets learned as E-Cell members would be extremely helpful to them while pursuing their jobs with intrapreneurial insights.

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