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“Realizing your study abroad dreams.

A desire to study abroad not only provides you an experience at International level but will also help you deal with employers and people from different cultures. While exploring a new country you would also be able to pick up new skills to enhance your employability.

Studying abroad will offer you a completely novel way of teaching which will surely boost your desire of learning in a fresh manner. A student will gain an altogether global approach to employment and life skills. In the wake of globalization, employers prefer candidates having International degrees with respective International experience and education. The process will help you in having International job prospects and those who wish to study and work abroad can surely consider various opportunities offered by the MES GCC – International Relations Cell.

The MES GCC International Relations Cell takes care of your aspirations and desires for studying abroad. We have International tie-ups with some of the best Universities in Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Dubai, which offer quality education and best of the programs to the students.

The International Relations Cell also offer scholarships to the deserving candidates who wish to study abroad. Students are also provided with appropriate counselling and guidance to select the best University. Assistance too is provided for students applying for universities in Germany, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France etc.

The cell also guides students for documentation and visa procedures. International Transfer Programs like 2+1, and many other customized programs are offered by our partner Universities, ensuring you the convenience of studying abroad. Apart from this, student exchange and summer school programs are also organized.

The International Relations Cell knows it better how-to guide, mentor and support your study abroad dreams through the counselling sessions delivered by deans and faculty experts of our partner universities.

Student Admission:
If you are one of those who wish to seek admission and realize your study abroad dreams, for various study abroad programs, kindly connect with us through the International Relations Cell and we would guide you for a further course of action. check out our college website to know more about the International Relations Cell.  –

So what’s holding you back to realize your dreams?  Apply now for admissions at MES GCC.

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