MES GCC – Study Tour


“A step ahead.”

A traditional classroom-based learning always confines ourselves to read, write, listen and talk, but it holds us back to experiential learning. The educational tours always give us an opportunity to expand our horizons and imagination. It’s an effective medium where we can feel, experience and understand the actual subject. This is one of the reasons why study tours are becoming increasingly prevalent in the education system.

MES GCC knows it best and to justify the very objective, study tours to IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore and Entrepreneurship Development Institute are organized every year.

Students visit IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Indore to witness the academic practices which are carried out by the Institute. Students get an opportunity to interact with IIM – A and IIM – Indore faculty members, on various topics ranging from career opportunities in today’s business environment to collegiate practices adopted by the IIM’s. An interactive session too is organised in the famous ‘IIM Auditorium and a walk over tour is arranged in the IIM campus and classrooms.

The next destination for students is Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI), where students get a taste of the procedures and applications adopted towards building future entrepreneurs. In the quest of forming and creating a robust entrepreneurship environment, students get acquainted with the traits and applications of effective entrepreneurship techniques. Interactive sessions on effective entrepreneurship and ‘Approaches towards becoming an entrepreneur’ are delivered by the EDI faculties.

Students also taste recreational and amusement activities at the ‘Akshardham (Swami Narayan) temple, where the laser show proves to be a treat for everyone and mesmerises everyone present at the venue. The aesthetics and sculpting of the ‘Akshardham temple too are beyond everyone’s imagination and it is surely one of the must visit places. Famous places in the city of Indore too is explored by the students.

The visit to IIMs and EDI makes students realise a world full of opportunities which are in the hindsight to fulfil their aspirations. IIM and EDI being an International repute academic institutes, Students get a share of their own perks which will benefit them in the years to come

The study tour indeed paves the way in motivating the students in chasing and fulfilling their future dreams and aspiring new ones.

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