Why BBA-IB is sought after in today’s Globalized World?

Today’s world is turning into a global village due to the advent of new technologies and International economies are becoming more co-dependent due to globalization. As a result, trade and collaboration among individuals and companies are increasing rapidly.

With globalization and lesser NTBs, global trade is prospering and set to increase exponentially, and with global trade expansion, the need for rules, regulations and standards also increases. Multinational companies and the World Trade Organization (WTO) are pushing for these standards and regulations, creating a need for business management and business administration professionals.

What is BBA-IB?

BBA in International Business is an inclusive course that combines Business Administration studies with exposure to international business scenario. Right from Economic Analysis, Accounting and Marketing, the curriculum accommodates topics like International Business Environment, Foreign Exchange Operations and International Relations. There is a tight focus on developing skills of students in both the areas – business fundamentals as well as an understanding of international economics. Subjects like Soft Skill Development and Foreign Languages lend additional benefits. They make students ready for working in multi-national environments and develop them as all-round professionals.

BBA IB can be a launchpad to understand national and international markets. The BBA-IB (Earlier called BBM) course aims to achieve harmony between different aspects of global business. Introduction to International business management gives a global outlook to students. A wide expanse of the syllabus gives immense exposure to international business. Value addition capsule modules help students to absorb in the national and international market. This course serves as a gateway into national and international markets and forms a great career path for students.

BBA in International Business is a 3-year undergraduate course designed to impart to eligible candidates the requisite skills in creating and managing global companies. The program covers an advanced study of:

  • Business and cultural concepts relevant to international business.
  • International business beyond the export and import of good and services.
  • Cross-border Input-procurement, such as raw materials, finance, technology, and human resources.
  • Business practices followed by international competitors including International legal issues and practices.
  • Global practices followed across the domains of Operations Management/ International Trade Policies/ Supply Chain Management etc.

The minimum eligibility needed for applying to the course is the successful completion of the 10+2 level of education from a recognized educational Board, with a minimum aggregate score of 40% and English as a compulsory language ( medium of  instruction).

The Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business course is a step in the right direction, if you have want to pursue a career in Business Administration. It creates a solid base for the master’s degree and opens job opportunities on an International level. Specializations like BBA – IB (International Business) make this further focused.


Multiple opportunities:

The degree itself conveys a great deal of weight, management, regardless of whether you are launching another product, revamping a division, or beginning your very own organization, you can do so confidently. Executive recruiters look for individuals who can provide vision and clarity while guiding a company through strategic and organizational challenges.

  1. Business Analyst

Business analyst is emerging as a core business practice in recent years. It’s an indispensable link between a firm’s Import/Export capabilities and its business objectives. The business analyst’s essential target is helping organizations actualize International trade solutions in a cost-effective manner by deciding the prerequisites of a task or program, and conveying them clearly to partners, facilitators and stakeholders.

2.  Consultant to firms looking to expand international business:

The word consulting by itself should be enough. This also usually means that you will have to be on-site many times. Consulting is a great alternative for BBA IB graduates since customarily, many firms wish to set up their business in India and abroad for which they require at technical guidance since trading at International level is an altogether different business. This requires a lot of technical knowledge and skills wherein the students of BBA IB can contribute.

3. Management Analyst

A management analyst is a specialist who works with an organization to improve its general effectiveness and tackle operational issues. The management consultants help associations solve issues, create value, boost development and improve business execution. They utilize their business abilities to give target guidance and aptitude and help an association to build up any master aptitudes that it might need.

BBA IB graduates are hired in capacities such as:

  • Operations Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Trade Officer
  • International Sales Representatives
  • Import/ Export Agent, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship and business development
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • International Cargo Management
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Port and Shipping Industries
  • Customs and Documentation

The world is set to globalize further and our economies are set to become more co-dependent. As a result, the trade will increase and so will employment by business and finance sectors. A BBA IB degree will be a great start for a career in business management since more companies are looking to expand their business across borders. We saw that after a BBA IB degree, an array of career options open up.

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